Worcester Bosch unveils sleek new boiler range

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Worcester Bosch has unveiled a brand new boiler range, the Greenstar 8000 Lifestyle.

Design has become front-and-centre of most homes. Sleek, stylish and modern designs have become the normal across many industries. Think cars, phones, fridges, even vacuum cleaners. Now it’s time for the boiler, and after years of development and direct feedback from hundreds of installers, I’m proud to reveal the Greenstar 8000 Lifestyle range.

The 8000 Lifestyle range is replacing the Greenstar CDi Classic – a big move for Worcester-Bosch and one that they haven’t taken lightly. The future direct replacement of the Greenstar CDi Classic, the 8000 Life keeps all of the tried, tested and much-loved features, while improving on all the key installer touchpoints for easier installation, servicing and maintenance.

Greenstar 8000 Style
Their new top-of-the-range boiler when only the very best is good enough. Their most powerful, modern and stylish to date, the model comes in the industry-standard white, but also in a stylish black. Perfect for those who are design-conscious. But for the installer there are many impressive features to look out for. The Greenstar 8000 Style intuitive full colour and text boiler control display makes installing, maintaining and commissioning effortless.

Benefits to the installer
The most powerful wall-hung combi boiler on the market. Available in combi, system and regular, the Greenstar 8000 Lifestyle range features outputs between 30 and 50kW. It has a 1:10 burner modulation which means it can reduce its output to as little a 3kW for the 30kW appliance and 5kW for the 50kW one. The Greenstar 8000 Lifestyle range also has an improved flow rate at the hot water tap. For example, with the 50kW at 35°C, the flow rate is at an impressive 20.3 litres a minute.

Bosch EasyControl now wireless
Thanks to a wireless receiver, called ‘the Key’, which slots in underneath the boiler, the Bosch EasyControl can now be installed on the wall or placed on our new table stand. It can be powered from a 3-pin plug or installed via a 2-core wire connection between the control and the boiler.

Why the Greenstar 8000 Style?

The design
The Greenstar 8000 Style has been designed not to be hidden away. Its high gloss, premium finish means the appliance can take pride of place anywhere in the home. Perfect for those living in smaller spaces but have an eye for design.

The simplicity
The full colour text display allows customers to know what the boiler is doing at all times, and if required which action they need to take.

The connectivity
As the Greenstar 8000 Style is paving the way for the future of boilers, it is compatible with their wireless smart Bosch EasyControl, meaning users can monitor and control their heating and hot water from their smart device.

In summary
The boiler of the future has arrived.

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