Wireless Heating Controls

Wireless thermostats and programmable thermostats have become extremely reliable and easy to use controls over the years. The versatility of them means that they can be used practically anywhere in the house, though of course are still intended to be used in a room that has a radiator without a TRV (Thermostatic Radiator Valve). Without the need to run wires to the wireless units also means that there is no damage or alteration to the decor of the room, though the receiver unit will need to be wired to the boiler. These must not be confused with internet controlled thermostats that can be accessed via a smartphone. For details of these, please read our other page.

Wireless Programmable Room Thermostats 
A programmable room thermostat is a room thermostat and central heating programmer combined into one component. Programmable room thermostats therefore work in the same way as a regular room thermostat and central heating programmer, except the controls for both time and temperature can be controlled from one unit.

Wireless Room Thermostats
Although these are wireless, they work exactly the same way as a wired thermostat but unlike the programmable version they work in conjunction with a separate programmer/timer. A receiver unit will be wired to the boiler or to the wiring centre for the heating system.