Vaillant Edges Glowworm

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Job request: replace boiler with combi boiler.

New Installation: The customer purchased the property a year beforehand and found that the Glow-worm Ultracom 15hx had seen better days and was not really suited to his needs. The heating system was powerflushed, drained and along with the hot water storage the Ultracom was removed and the system converted to be utilised with a combination boiler.

The costumer opted for a Vaillant EcoTEC Plus 832 ErP combination boiler, complete with a Vaillant VRT 350 RF wireless programmer and protected by a Vaillant Filter Protection kit which provided him with a ten year manufacturer’s warranty.

The existing Glowworm Ultracom 2 heat only boiler prior to removal.
Old boiler removed, powerflushing in progress. Poorly finished job around the flue by previous installer, later made good and finished appropriately.
Completed upgrade, now providing mains pressure hot water on demand.
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