Swap from regular to combi boiler

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Job Request:
“New Boiler Needed ASAP.”

The New Boiler: A Glowworm Energy 25c combination boiler
For this installation, the customer was redeveloping their kitchen and wanted to change to a combination boiler. This involved draining down and removing the existing Ideal Classic FF230 boiler, hot and cold water storage, feed and expansion tank and ancillaries. All the flow, return, hot and cold pipework from the new boiler was to be fed upstairs inside the service void in the kitchen corner, thereby hiding all the pipes and cables. New thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) were fitted to all radiators bar one and a Glowworm Energy 25C combination boiler was installed. The heating controlled by a Salus RT500RF programmable wireless thermostat. The kitchen redevelopment was later fully completed, including re-tiled and repainted.


Really good service from start to finish. Very helpful, tidy and professional. Would use again and recommended. 22nd September, 2017

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