Notification Certificate

Gas Installers working in England and Wales will know that they must notify the installation of some heat-producing gas appliances and heating and hot water systems to your local building control.

It is a legal requirement under the Building Regulations in England and Wales that the relevant Local Authority (LA) must be notified that specific work has been carried out. In the case of gas this can only be done through Gas Safe Register or one of its third party partners that has an agreement with the Register.

Once notice has been completed, a Building Regulations Compliance Certificate will be sent to the homeowner. This is vitally important to keep safe as it will be required should the homeowner ever decide to sell their property. If the homeowner does not receive such a certificate, they should contact the installer first to determine if notice has been given, if that cannot be assured then they must contact Gas Safe Register as soon as possible.

Below is an example of a Building Regulations Compliance Certificate.