Alpha Fail

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Job Request: Replace broken Vaillant, at least 12 years old and not working. Located in cupboard on the landing, would like to keep in same place (the existing boiler was in fact an Alpha CB28 combination boiler that had long given up the ghost, rendering the customer with no hot water or heating).

New Boiler: Three options were provided and the choice was for a Vaillant EcoFIT Pure 830 combination boiler. The flue was vertical and passed through the roof, all of which had to be replaced with new flue suitable for condensing boilers. The condensate drain was run under the landing floor and out to the soil stack with a condensate pump to assist with removal due to length of run. An Adey Magnaclean magnetic filter was fitted to help maintain a cleaner heating system. Heating controlled by Salus RT500RF wireless programmable thermostat.



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